As certified and registered auditing firm we fulfil the legal requirements for the performance of all types of audits, either as ordinary auditors of the annual accounts or as auditors of other audits requred by law.

Tax Consultancy

Our service is focused on companies with national and international activities and includes direct taxes (income and capital tax) as well as indirect taxes (VAT, withholding taxes, stamp duties).

It will be our pleasure to provide you with our international VAT knowledge and on the planning of your cross border transactions.

Accounting Services

We keep your accounts and prepare the respective financial statements in line with SCO and Swiss-GAAP/FER, IFRS or US-GAAP.

Other Services

As generalists, we can provide you with a full range of services, from the selection of the best legal form, through the formation and running of the company (as manager or member of the Board of Directors) until the liquidation.

It will be our pleasure and goal to support your special project with our knowledge and our experience.

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Burch & Partner Consulting GmbH
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Phone: +41 41 711 51 51
Fax: + 41 41 711 51 35
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